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Just one slight detail though

The app is great, Ive been a big fan of 4sq/Swarm for a long time. But the history search is not working well. Whenever you clink on a searched venue, its not possible to go back to search results. Please fix it!


Really fun and amusing app. Too bad it does not give you the option to review venues, addresses or even inform if its closed. Lately has been showing several bugs such as stickers dont appear after selecting a venue, they are simply not displayed. Sometimes we dont get coins for the second checkin of the day, all stack freezes up. Hope they can review such mentioned bugs asap and ask more users to become superuser in order to help improving the app experience!

Love it

Love doing Check in everywhere and take pictures to remember the places ive been.

Ipad support

Nice app, but still waiting for iPad support, supporting landscape!

Crashes on open

The second I try to open the app it crashes.

Annoying check-in sticker bug lately

On a business-by-business basis, the check-in stickers have been randomly disappearing, making it impossible to earn my rightful bonus points. Would warrant 3 stars, but minus 1 extra star for making reporting a bug a daunting process through your website.

Duplicate Release Notes

Dont explain what changed in the app? No stars deserved then.




Anywhere i go, this app helps me to get to where i would go. And the reviews by the fellow swarmers help me to decide whether to go or not to go to places, eg. restos and the like.

You must listen us

We think some old feautres must come again. For ex. Message send boz. Because we are users using this app. For Message box and send


Its not working! Fix it please

Worst update yet

What took me one or two taps before now takes four to five taps to do.

Its good, but...

Its really good, but it can be better. Keep improving!

After some rough times, its finally fun again

Theyve succeeded in bringing back the game nature of the app, which was missing after the foursquare/swarm split.

More Practical (and Fun) than Ever

I gave up Foursquare several years ago when the fad of "checking in" wore off, but Ive come back to Swarm. Why? Well, I live in a part of the world that isnt English speaking which means that Google Maps and Apple Maps have a lot of places missing or incorrect information. (Yelp doesnt even exist here) Foursquare/Swarm, on the other hand, has excellent crowd sourced info. I actually appreciate that the game portion of Foursquare was split into Swarm. Foursquare has a much clearer purpose now as a city guide and review app. Swarm is more for the checkin portion of Foursquare.

Bad Performance

Very slow on iPhone 5s after update to this version

Love it very fun

I always have an excellent time playing with my buddies with this app!!! Please add more stickers!!!

Very bad

I can not send msg

Swarm has its swagger back

The challenges add a fun real world element to checkins. Note: my app only works when I turn off wifi

Favorite App

Swarm is the best! I love keeping track of all my adventures! This update adds a bunch of new ways for me to slice and dice the data! It really encourages me to get out and explore my world. Love being able to see where my friends and family are too. Its also really cool to be the mayor of a place.

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